Walwood Code It

I would code it on a wall, I would code it with you all

Minimalist code

I’m a minimalist. If you read blogs or the New York Times, you might think that that means I live in a stark white room with no objects around. However in my opinion, Minimalism is better summed up using this quote:

Let's do it again (Capsulize - redux)

I built the same application twice. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not exactly the same. The new version has some styling, includes a few additional bells and whistles, and most importantly, is tested end-to-end.

Syntactic honey and catching flies

Syntactic sugar is a wonderful thing. It allows us to do many programming tasks so straightforwardly that at a certain point we forget that what we’re writing is not “pure” syntax, but rather, syntax wrapped in a layer of abstraction.

Know the rules before you break them

I built a closet organizer. No, not like this:

On the value of poking around

Are you a teapot? Because this Google page is. And so can your route’s status response be.