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React and the Live Style Guide

As a Lean UX nerd, beginning to use React was the fulfilment of a fantasy. React, as you probably know, is a library developed by the Facebook engineering team to allow agile dynamic UI updates based on rapidly changing data. It offers web developers a slew of tools and performance optimizations such as an integration with JSX, ES6 and the virtual DOM. In addition to those exciting (and very cool) features, it also offers UI and UX designers the ability to create and maintain an extremely valuable business resource: a live style guide.

cowork café in React and Rails

CoWork Café is a web application built with a React-based front end and a Rails-API-based backend. The application allows you to share information with the community about the aspects of a coffee shop that might influence whether someone would want to work out of that coffee shop.

Don't accept the magic

I practice a discipline when I’m reading code called “Don’t accept the magic”. Don’t accept the magic means that even if you think you understand what the output of a line of code should be, if you don’t understand how the code makes the output, you can’t accept the magic.

this and => and that

Or: how you can fall in love with the best of bad options